Thursday, November 26, 2009

Chloe Moss

Chloe Moss – an English playwright and winner of the Blackburn Prize for This Wide Night. A Liverpudlian who went to Manchester for university, Moss has been working in theatre since 2002, when her d├ębut A Day in Dull Armour was released. Seven plays have followed that, roughly at a rate of one a year.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chloe Steele

Chloe Steele – a main character in the Left Behind series of books and movies. Classified as 'Christian novels', the Left Behind book series depicts a post-Rapture world in which those who were not raptured struggle with the end-times as depicted in the Bible. Titles in the series include “Desecration: Antichrist Takes the Throne”, “Assassin: Assignment: Jerusalem, Target: Antichrist” and “Armageddon: the Cosmic Battle for the Ages”. Three movies have been made, starring Kirk Cameron of “Growing Pains” and “The Way of the Master”. In these films, Chloe Steele is played Janaya Stephens, portrayed here.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chloe Rose Lattanzi

Chloe Rose Lattanzi – the daughter of international singing celebrity Olivia Newton-John. In addition to being celebrity spawn, Chloe, born 1986, also has her eyes set on celebrity. With a forthcoming CD and appearances in a stage version of Hair, Chloe has musical aspirations, but she has also worked in acting, including a few Christmas productions, a Bette Midler sitcom and coming in third on the MTV reality-show competition Rock the Cradle.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chloe Traicos

Chloe Traicos – a film maker born in Zimbabwe. Born scant months after the apartheid government of Rhodesia gave way to the majority-rule new nation of Zimbabwe, Traicos lived in Harare till she was eight years old. Moving with her family to Australia, she entered the acting world, with limited success. The changes in political climate in Zimbabwe that led to its international ostracism led Traicos to produce A Stranger in My Homeland, an acclaimed and award-winning documentary about Zimbabwean refugees. She is currently working of feature films, included I Wish I were Stephanie V, which she wrote and starred in.